Our Story

Our Story of Passion, Belief and Sharing

It all started in 2010 first with Peter and Gizem.

They met in a club where Peter was giving Spinning® classes and Gizem was a regular participant. They had long hours of discussions about how an indoor cycling studio could have been the perfect one. Gizem was telling how a club could take better care of members’ expectations in a quality and indulgent environment. Peter was telling how the Spinning®/indoor cycling classes must be designed technically and scientifically for athletes and semi-pros. To put this perfect studio in place, Peter and Gizem merged their ideas and opened THE CYCLING ROOM® Brussels, the first Spinning® studio in Belgium...

Peter has been a fitness professional for years with his career in Squash and then, Spinning®. And Gizem was a regular business person liking fitness activities to keep up with busy life. Them getting together and starting a concept where participants of all fitness levels and ages are welcome in training scientifically correct and also motivating classes made THE CYCLING ROOM Brussels studio a success. Gizem’s love and work for charities in the world reflected in their concept and they started working harder to be able to donate more.

When it was March 2013, TRENDS magazine, the most renowned Business magazine of Belgium published an article about Gizem and Peter for THE CYCLING ROOM® concept. That article opened the doors to invest in Abu Dhabi with other 2 business partners. In September 2013, not only THE CYCLING ROOM® but THE ROOM® concept (including other classes and services) was introduced to Abu Dhabi market. THE ROOM® concept, which is a fitness and lifestyle club became a big hit in the city. In 2015, they opened their 3rd facility again in Abu Dhabi while working for Pune/India with another great couple. Nikita and Sujit.

Nikita and Sujit, before being partners in business, are an amazing partners in life. Young, full of life and hard work, excited with what THE ROOM® concept can bring to one’s life, Nikita and Sujit brought the club to Pune.

The center in Pune examines the concept of no borders or boundaries within a fitness and lifestyle club. A series of graphic panels have been designed to represent each room within this fitness club concept. These panels verge on subtly rather than being figurative, embodying the luxurious, welcoming aspect of THE ROOM. These panels work together as a set, using the same simple linear elements to tell a unique story each time.