Aerial Fitness – One Fabric,Many styles

– By Poorva Karnik

Aerial Fitness fuses stretching style exercises, pilates based core moves, fun aerial challenges, strength training, balance and posture work to help create new brain body connections. This is for those looking for something outside of the normal gym workout to stay fit or for those to use it as a great body conditioning in addition to your weight or cardio workouts. Aerial Fitness allows for the freedom for the different designs of body types, personality types and in different levels of challenge for reviving or restoration. Aerial Fitness has a special focus on 3 dimensional movement, conditioning, joint rotation and mobility.
This is for women who want a strong core, great flexibility, poise and posture and are open to try something new and for men who can take a step outside the box to challenge themselves, have fun with flexibility, build muscle and solid core strength.
Aerial Fitness uses a soft fabric supporting around 500 kgs of weight to support and suspend the body to work with your body type using the effects of supported body weight and gravity to lengthen, strengthen, contract, extend muscles, improved posture, adds gentle traction effects, optional inversions and align joints.
Why Aerial Fitness?
Fun combination of something new in the fitness environment to put your body in different positions and new ways you never thought you could. The support provided by the fabric makes using aerial silks very accessible for people of all ability levels.  Aerial Fitness = FIT which stands for Fun-Integrated-Training.
•spinal decompression
•lymphatic movement
•myo-fascial tissue / adhesion release
•fun mental acuity
•feeling of well being
•core strengthening
•upper body development
•lower body stability
•strengthen postural alignment muscles
•improve spatial awareness
•joint rotation and mobility
•muscle toning and strengthening
•create community with others going thru the same process
•increase fluidity and agility in daily living
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Celebrate-Your Health,Your Fitness

By Prajakta Gosavi

The season of weddings, parties and celebrations has started!!

We are all struggling to stay on a healthy diet during this season as we are busy with attending weddings, parties, after parties, new year’s party and the list goes on…

Its’ easy to over indulge and go overboard. A simple way is to change your focus. It’s a season to celebrate with family and friends. We usually party to celebrate the happiness with our dear ones and not just to have lots of delicious food. Remember, you can still have fun without overeating and drinking alcohol.

Here are some quick tips-

Eat before you leave the house

Don’t leave your home on an empty stomach.

You tend to grab  whichever food is available when you are hungry. Hunger makes it tough to make smart food choices at a party. Mindful eating is very important so that you can choose a better option.

Small bites smart bites

You can always share a half with your health conscious friend.

Control the portion. Mind the quantity while serving yourself.


A major misconception is that fruit juices are healthy and hence can be consumed in any amounts. Though they are better than alcohol they also contain a lot of sugar.

Limit the amount of alcohol to 1 or 2 drinks and enjoy the atmosphere of the party. Individually the drink might be low calorie. But number of shots adds up quickly. Sip your drink slowly. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated and cut the amount of calories consumed in the alcohol.

Drink lot of water. Keep yourself well hydrated during the party or function. You’ll get full quicker and stay full for longer

Don’t miss your Workout

We usually get lazy and make a dozen excuses for not exercising in this season.  Try to squeeze in a 30-60 minutes workout in your day. Even a small walk can help you feel fresh and healthy. Make sure you burn those extra calories you had during the party the previous night.

Last but not the least get back to your routine as early as possible!

Have Fun and Stay Healthy!!!

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Yoga – Twist to Detox

By Preeti Acharya

Twisting is an axial rotation and is literally an every second phenomenon for human beings. Like turning your neck to see to your back or twist the lid from jar or scratch your left foot with your right hand etc etc. if you would visualise there is twisting involved in all our movement. Yoga uses twisting asanas to help you functional in these movements.
To talk about twisting in terms of yoga, unlike forward or backbend, twisting is done by increasing axial tension of the body.
Twisting asanas can be divided in three catagories :-
1) Standing :~ Postures like parivrtta trikonasana, parivrtta parsva konasana etc improve balancing skills, remove excess fats from hip portion, improve spinal rotation. It also soothes spinal nerves and strengthens them.
2) Sitting :~ Examples are Marichiyasana C, Marichiyasana D, ardha matsyendrasana etc. These postures improve range or motion around all the joints. It massages and strengthens our abdominal and reproductive organs. It stimulates blood circulation in our internal organs and removes toxins.
3) Supine :~ Postures like Markatasana improve flexibility of outer thigh muscles and around hip portion. It massages abdominal organs and improves mobility in pirifirmis.
While you are holding the twisting postures, there is limited blood supply in your abdominal area and thus in releasing the posture there is blood rush there. Hence it cleanses all the toxins and detoxes our body. Twisting poses induces stressful situations and thus calm our mind. It is also good to eleminate laziness and depression.
Now we hope you are clearer with the idea of twisting and its vitality. So here we are coming up with this event to help you detoxing your body after festive season by teaching some deep twisting skills at THE ROOM Pune. Stay tuned.
You can also visit our website : for more details.

Embrace festive fitness with your dance moves!

Festive fun is incomplete without amazingly nutritious and rich food, but along with that what is important is burning the extra kilos. With Navratri on its way, there is nothing to worry about. Fitness experts say that dancing is the best way to stay active, fresh, and fit during the festive season, or otherwise. What’s so great about it is that it is an excellent way of expression and sweating it out, but you don’t feel like you have gone through a very tedious workout. Dancing not only builds great stamina, but also improves breathing and flexibility at the same time.

Zumba fitness experts believe dancing to be one of the most successful forms of exercise primarily because; people lose interest in monotonous fitness regimes. Spontaneous dancing sessions offer thrill and excitement along with music. Even Dandiya is a great form of exercise as it puts people in the mood to exercise without them even realizing it! A great form of aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, Dandiya relieves stress and uplifts the spirit. Along with this, the dancers enjoy teaming-up together, bonding, and performing coordinated movements.
Having said that dancing is a great form of exercise, let’s discuss the health benefits of dancing in detail.

Increases coordination and leg strength

While dancing, synchronizing your moves according to the music and your team member’s steps helps you improve your own coordination. Along with improving coordination, dancing also helps you build endurance and leg strength. What is great is that this increased leg strength gives you the ability to handle longer, and more challenging exercise sessions too.

Helps you shed the kilos

Zumba experts say that dancing can burn up to 500 – 700 calories depending upon the time and pace at which it is performed. But dance is much more than just a cardiovascular activity. It takes you into a happy mood and the vigorous movements release endorphins inside your brain. The mind relaxes and all the stress dissolves. A happy mind will always have a healthy body with a balanced weight! Along with burning calories, health benefits of dancing include better blood circulation, improved digestion, and great posture.

Uplifts the spirit with social interactions

Be it Zumba or Bollywood or Aerobics, why dance works wonders for you is because it reduces stress. You meet new people every day and just dance together! That’s a great break from daily work discussions and chasing targets. With dancing sessions, you make new friends and inculcate team spirit within yourselves. Yes, it is a disciplined exercise, but also a very social activity at the same time. If you want to work out and lose weight, then why not end up making friends in the process? If being fit is you goal, then why not have fun achieving it? For your overall well-being and positive psychological health, dance is definitely a good exercise.    

Literally, anybody can dance

For a normal person, dancing is an easily possible workout. You need absolutely no equipment and very little investment to indulge in it. Good music, good company and you are all set. Today, there are many YouTube dance workout videos available for you. But it is best to join a group class at your nearest club, as you learn the right moves under the care of an expert. You meet more people and a session soon becomes a fun activity you look forward to every day!

So festive season or no festive season, enjoy the many health benefits of dancing. Keep looking great with this supremely fun way of working out. Shed not just your kilos, but all your stress too. Take a break to free your soul and see your confidence soar!

Nutrition Tips for the Festive season

The festive season has begun! It is time to bring out the sweets, groove to the beats and enjoy some much needed family – time. However, all the festive food is sure to tempt you and make all your effort to stay fit and healthy seem futile. Don’t worry, here are a few tips that can come in handy when you want to watch your weight and still not miss out on all the parties and fun. We’ve got you covered, so go ahead and have the time of your life, don’t let the calories worry you so much that you forget making memories!

1. Eat healthy before going to a function/party so you’re not so hungry:

One of the most likely reasons why you may feel like binging or eating your heart out at a function/ party is that you may not have had a chance to eat a full and proper meal before leaving. An option is to set aside some, whip up a good and nutritious meal and then head out. This way, you are less likely to eat indiscriminately.

2. Don’t deprive yourself:

We all have that one food item that we just cannot resist eating! Well, here is the good news – DON’T! Enjoy every morsel and stop depriving yourself. However, the trick is to watch the size of portions that you partake. We all need a break once in awhile, so does our body! Allow yourself a cheat meal.

3. Manage your portion size:

Sometimes eating food given by your relatives or friends is seen more as a mark of respect and affection rather than a simple meal. In such a case, refusing a meal may only spoil your time with them. Manage your portion size, eat in a smaller plate and use plates that are darker colored than those available. This way you can eat and still keep your diet in check.

4. Stay active:

Even if you are at a function or a party, it is important to avoid sitting like a couch-potato! This will only slow your metabolism down. Keep moving and walking around to be in motion. Better still, if you are at a party, dance – it’s one of the best forms of cardio. This way you can burn all the extra calories you may be eating.

5. Drink adequate water:

Water has been proven to be one of the most important facets of any diet. It not only quenches your thirst but also helps in detoxification of the body. Drinking water instead of the sugary drinks, juices or shakes also ensures that you feel fuller sooner while stocking up on hydration and moisture.

SHAPE ® your fitness better!

With our sedentary jobs and hectic lifestyle, we tend to hesitate when it comes to exercise as it can be tedious and time consuming. Enter SHAPE ® – THE ROOM’s one-stop class that combines everything that you need for a strong, healthy body. This exciting set of workouts allows you to get closer to your fitness goals without wasting any time. It’s a fun, continuous mix of agility, strength, and cardio exercises set to great DJ tunes. SHAPE ® is a dynamic, vibrant, team-spirited session for all levels of fitness.

How does SHAPE ® benefit you
A functional training workout, SHAPE ® strengthens the body for everyday movement and conditions the heart and lungs for optimal fitness. SHAPE ® is a great way of sweating it out and feeling energetic, even when it is raining outside. You will work your global muscles, assistor muscles, core and cardio with this one-stop class. The effect – strengthening and fat-loss combined!
Along with toning your body, it is a great stress-buster too. That is exactly why SHAPE ® is also a great workout for beginners. A rejuvenating and challenging mix of different strength and cardio exercises, it is an interesting regime that will make you love fitness even more!

At THE SHAPE ® ROOM, we have an internationally certified Care Team to help you with an excellent SHAPE ® workout. Activities at THE SHAPE ® ROOM include Kettle Bell, Battle Ropes, Plyo Box, BoxFit, Suspension, Speed Ladder, Cones, Hurdles, Smash Ball, and much more. Functional training with us will help you to strengthen and stimulate your muscles, preparing them for life and sports. So don’t let the monsoons dampen your fitness, book a session now with THE ROOM Pune. To enroll, call us on 7875300000.

iCHANGE – 30 Days of Lasting Change

A healthy lifestyle can only be achieved by following a healthy routine. But how to start this routine? How to plan this routine? What to include in it and what to exclude? And more importantly, how to be consistent with this routine? These are some of the common questions faced by anyone who wants to recommit to a healthy lifestyle.

However, you don’t need to worry about them, because you have professional assistance at your service. Join the iCHANGE Challenge and get back to a personalised healthy routine in just 30 days.


What is the iCHANGE Challenge?

It is a 30-day lifestyle changing training program. This program is designed to maximise the effect of your workout by bringing steady and significant changes to your fitness routine. All you need to do it is attend minimum 5 sessions per week with our trainers.


How will it work?

–    Our trainers will evaluate your fitness levels with a body composition test and enrol you in one of the three groups as per your fitness index.  You will be given a customised workout and diet plan which will help you reach your fitness goals. This journey towards your fitness goals will be guided by the CARE TEAM of THE ROOM Pune.

–    You will be a part of a group that matches your fitness levels. Each group will be given weekly diet challenges and tips along with individual daily training challenges. The challenges for every group will be different, based on the fitness levels. You will be working with your team to complete team challenges that will motivate you further.


WHY iChange?

–    This 30-day program designed by THE ROOM, creates personalised training and diet plans to suit individual needs, in the best possible manner.

–    The trainers who will mentor and train you are not only passionate about health and fitness but also have an international experience.

–    iCHANGE Challenge is designed in such way that its impact will bring change into your daily routine and a lasting change to your life.

–    To make sure your work and other equally important commitments don’t come in between you and your fitness, we allow you to choose your timings.

The iCHANGE Challenge is designed after considering your fitness needs. This challenge starts on the 1st of July, only at the best fitness destination in Pune – THE ROOM. Sign up now!

Zumba: Dance Your Way Into Fitness

A term we heard just a few years ago, Zumba, is now one of the most popular forms of exercise around the world. This Colombian dance based fitness activity made exercise fun even for non-dancers. Let’s take a look at the factor that makes this workout an absolute fun factor in your daily life.

Burns calories while you have fun –

Dancing on rhythm provides intervals of intensities and pace which maximizes the fat burning ability of your body. With just one Zumba class, you can burn around 600 to 1,000 calories.

Improves coordination –

Zumba, being a dance form, improves your coordination as you have to match the music to the moves.

One workout for all body parts –

It is a workout for the whole body. It can be called as a one-stop solution for your fitness needs. It is so effective that even beginners will wake up the next day with post-workout feeling.

Aerobic advantages –

Zumba makes it easier to reach your target heart rate. It is achieved by using songs that play around 145 beats per minute. Fast beats result into faster body movement giving you the outcome you wished for.

Easy and addictive –

Dancing along with your friends can never get boring. Easy steps get stuck in your mind and you just want more and more of it.

Brings you happy vibes –

How can anyone be sad around all the dancing and energetic music? No matter how low you feel, Zumba never fails to pick up your mood and put a smile on your face.

Adaptable intensity –

Unlike other workouts, you can choose the intensity of your workout. It is scalable as you can choose the music of the intensity you require.

Zumba is a fitness activity that takes out work from the workout and makes it fun. You can literally dance your way into fitness. If you wish to join the tribe you can get into The Zumba Zone. We are starting Zumba classes in Pune with ZES Shweta Kulkarni. Click to know more about The Zumba Zone.


Pranayama – The Art of Breathing

By Malabika Nandi.

Pranayama is the science and art of breath management. The word pranayama originates from two words- ‘prana’ and ‘ayama’. ‘Prana’ means breath or life force or vital energy and ‘ayama’ means the action or the voluntary effort to control, direct and regulate this prana.

What is Pranayama?
Pranayama is the tool that links the body and mind through the breath. Through Pranayama, by exercising  control over the breath, we can control the subtle prana inside and this control of prana means control of mind. So control of breath is control of both , prana and the mind. We can thus use our breath to free the mind from blocks, thus leading to greater clarity. No wonder, pranayama is considered to be the highest form of purification and self- discipline for mind.

The technique of breathing right
When we practice pranayama, the veil ( of lethargy and ignorance) is gradually drawn away from the mind because of which there is growing clarity and mind power. Pranayama gives purity, allowing the light of wisdom to shine.

Majority of individuals do not breathe enough to fulfill the needs of our body and brain. Pranayama breathing benefits almost all the functions of the body, including heart. This is what makes Pranayama an important form of exercise to lead a healthier life.

Benefits of Pranayama

  1. Physiological benefits on digestive, respiratory, circulatory and neuro- endocrine system.
  2. Stress management – There are many types of pranayayama and most of them help are the best stress relievers.
  3. Mind power: This is the main aim of pranayama. When the mind is at a standstill, no thoughts or emotions disturb it. We can control our temperaments, desires, mood swings and instincts.
  4. Preparation for Meditation – Pranayama breathing exercises prepares you for meditation at it concentrates your energy at one activity i.e. breathing.
  5. Handling diseases like heart disease, hypertension, chronic lungs disease, normalize blood pressure (both high and low), Asthma.
  6. Pranayama effectively benefits your skin as purification of energy channels by removing toxins and blockages.
  7. Pranayama brings positive change in your attitude with the breath awareness and inner awareness that brings you the ultimate bliss

Pranayam is a saviour that gives us a moment of composure in our day-to-day struggle. You can experience it at THE ROOM Pune by taking one of our pranayama classes in Pune. Book one now at

6 Ways Cycling Works Best For Your Body

Cycling, the word may take you back to the time when you learned it as a per-requisite to ride a bike. Few of you even went a step further to the nostalgia of going to school with your friends. But that’s it, with time and busy schedules we bid adieu to one of the easiest and most effective workouts. We think it’s time to get back on the wheels, not just to bring back the good old days but embrace fitness at its best.

Here are some benefits of cycling that will make you take up cycling now –

Low impact

Cycling is an easy on joints workout that causes less strain and injuries compared to other forms of exercises. Being a low impact exercise it can be easily learned and adopted by anyone who wishes to kick-start their fitness regime.

Great muscle workout 

Cycling uses all major muscle groups in the lower body as your peddle your way through the journey. It helps you build and tone muscles for example; the downstroke uses the gluteus muscles in the buttocks, the quadriceps in the thighs, and the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calves, giving you the perfect leg workout.

Builds stamina

Pushing the pedals is an aerobic workout that helps your build stamina. The constant movement is a steady and effective way to increase your endurance capacity and significant results are the reward for your consistency.

Choice of intensity

Unlike other forms of exercises, the intensity of your workout with cycling is fully in your own control. You can choose your pace and build it up as you go ahead. You can choose the distance and speed of your activity. Cycling can be a wonderful social activity when you go out in a group, and motivate you by bringing the element of healthy competition into play.

Fun for fitness

There are various other benefits of cycling than just working out. It is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your friends. The activity in itself has got a rhythm that inspires you to go a long way. You can enjoy the nature around you on the ride and take a refreshing sight on your way back.

Improves cardiovascular health

Your heart beats faster than usual when you ride your bicycle which improves your cardiovascular functions.  A healthy heart is a definite must have for everyone.

To sum up, cycling keeps you active, fresh and healthy. Looking at all these benefits we have arranged an outdoor cycling ride on Sunday, 28th May 2017. Starting at 7 AM this Outdoor Cycling Ride will make your weekend more refreshing than ever. To enroll, call us on 7875 300000